Who are the Strongest Characters in Naruto?

3 min readJul 21, 2022


Narutoverse has some really amazing characters in terms of strength. While the good characters have moved us with their integrity, the negative characters are equally despicable. While some of the characters are not so strong, they haven’t been explored a lot except for being shown in fillers, the ones that are strong have undoubtedly filled us with vicarious pleasure. They are cool and awe-inspiring. Here are some of the characters who I feel are very strong.


The man knew many jutsus and though he was not good at genjutsu, he never fell prey to one. He had mastered some of the greatest ninjutsus that we saw in the anime and his sage mode leads to his strength and speed growing off the charts. He was feared as one of the legendary sannins who could most likely defeat Pain if he knew about his identity from the start. Even Pain himself admitted to that.


He was the prodigy of the Uchiha clan who awakened his sharingan at the age of 6 and became a chunin at the age of 8. He was powerful enough to kill the entire Uchiha clan single-handedly without a scratch on him. He was more powerful than Orochimaru and was admittedly a Kage-level shinobi. Had it been not for him, the fourth great ninja war would have continued for more duration than it did. Even in sage mode, Kabuto was defeated by him by becoming caught in the Izanami.


Sasuke was the second strongest Naruto character, being a sidekick to Naruto himself. He was at the top of the academy and was a fast learner from a young age. Over the three years he trained with Orochimaru, he took his Chidori to a new level and mastered his visual prowess to such a level that he could even control the universe that Orochimaru created and used the transference ritual to absorb him instead of it happening the other way around.


Though he started as the weakest character in anime, he turned out to be the strongest man in the ninja world even surpassing Hashirama who was hailed as the god of shinobi. He started becoming an ace ninja since he killed Kakuzu with the Rasenshuriken, a technique he mastered within weeks that takes years to master, thanks to his shadow clones. He defeated pain by mastering sage jutsu. He became a perfect sage, a technique not even his teacher Jiraiya could perfect completely. He became in full control of the nine tails chakra and eventually defeated Ishiki Otsutsuki using the Bayron mode.




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