Which Akatsuki Member Has the Saddest Story?

2 min readJul 19, 2022


All Akatsuki members are villains for a reason. Every Akatsuki member who once saw the light in their lives experienced it going away and the result becoming total darkness. No one was there to save them from the darkness and as a result of this, they became who they are. In my opinion, one of the most damaged persons in the Akatsuki was Itachi. However, there is no reason to believe that other characters weren’t damned. Here are the rogue ninjas of Naruto who had the most painful lives and why.


He was lonely from a very young age. He was lied to (though with good intentions) by his grandmother that his parents were on a mission. But in reality, they were killed. He eventually realised the truth and succumbed to his loneliness. Since he couldn’t fill the void in his heart, he started experimenting with himself and became a puppet so he does not have to feel any pain. What kind of messed-up mindset that is? Sadly, Sasori became what he was because the sand village used shinobis as nothing more than pawns to win battles, disregarding the importance of human lives.


Just like in the case of Sasori’s parents he was used as a means to an end for the Mist village to thrive. They did not even shy away from forcing Kisame to kill his comrades so that they can’t be used to take out information about the top secret mission he and his comrades were assigned to. He was loyal to his village till the end but he was only rewarded with the tag of a rogue ninja.


Just like Kisame, he was ordered to kill his own comrades so that a war could be stopped and the integrity of Konoha can be maintained. In return, he was hated, called a rogue ninja who killed his own clan and left his younger brother to fend for himself. No one can bear so much resentment and hatred and still die with a smiling face. Till the end and even beyond that, he protected Konoha and his younger brother.


If it wasn’t for Hanzo and Danzo, Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan would have led happy lives and made a name for themselves as saviours of the hidden Rain village. Nagato witnessed Yahiko’s death and turned into a cruel man who calls himself God and who killed his own teacher.


He was a kind-hearted boy who had a very bright outlook towards life. If it wasn’t for Madara who turned his world upside down by showing him the death of the person he loved he would be fighting for Konoha alongside Kakashi and Rin.




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